Thursday, March 17, 2022

Mobile app development for IOS

I can judge the state of the market by the customers who come to us for an application. Digital transformation is now underway in all industries, and businesses need new work tools - mobile applications. For example, this year we made an application for a chemical giant so that its sales representatives could demonstrate products and place orders right at the negotiations. Another is an application for ophthalmologists, with which you can measure the distance between the pupils; application for guests of golf clubs, where you can bet on throws.

Good developers are always in short supply, and this is not specific to iOS. But iOS / macOS also has a high entry threshold - investments in the purchase of Mac and mobile devices, a specific programming language that is not taught in institutes - this greatly limited the influx of personnel. We have grown most of the iOS developers in our ranks, and this is a long and expensive process for business.

The number of companies that develop for iOS has grown over the past few years, and the number of specialists has grown accordingly. Now, finding a good iOS developer for a team is not so much difficult as it is expensive due to the long search process and the need for additional training in the team.

First of all, we look at understanding the specifics of mobile development, attention to detail, knowledge of the basics of programming and architectural patterns. Naturally, we pay attention to knowledge of Swift / Obj-C and technologies, but this is not such a critical moment - the language can always be quickly improved. A big plus for us is the ability to work in a team and the understanding that mobile development is only part of the project.

To get an internship, students still need to know OOP, database and one of the programming languages ​​(C++, Objective-c, Java or C#) 

iOS development market

About the iOS development market. The iOS development market is now growing, including due to large companies that create their own applications for business. At the same time, the market is not overheated, with an average of two people per vacancy. But finding a good developer is not easy. So much so that smart newcomers are taken even to large projects.

About the difficulties of finding a developer. Now the main language of iOS applications is Swift, new projects are written on it and old ones are rewritten. But he appeared only 6 years ago and is considered young. Experienced old school developers who have worked with Objective C don't want to switch to it. This creates a problem for employers who are looking for Swift developers.

About the requirements for developers. There are no universal requirements, it all depends on the company. For example, I primarily look at the ability to communicate with the team and only then at the skill set. After all, it will be difficult for the whole team to work with a person who does not know how to build communication.

About hiring specialists without experience. Developers without much experience are hired under two conditions. Firstly, if the company has the opportunity to hire a newcomer and grow him in a team so that the investment pays off in the future. Secondly, if the time for development and delivery of projects is not running out.

Mobile app development for IOS

I can judge the state of the market by the customers who come to us for an application. Digital transformation is now underway in all indust...